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Who we are ?


« Doing what we know best… the best ! »




After 27 years in the industry, PROSON is one of the biggest names in analogue and digital wireless audio system rental in France, specialised in language distribution and simultaneous interpreting equipment rental, conference room management and tour guide systems.



Investing our way to the top…


At PROSON, we regularly make large-scale investments in the latest professional audio products, meaning we always have the right quantities at hand to cater to peers without compromising our direct clients.


PROSON boasts one of the largest supplies of wireless microphones, wireless commands, tour guide systems, infrared receivers, digital simultaneous interpreting equipment and cutting-edge digital conference microphones.


Our team is made up of 10 permanent staff and 30 technicians. On any given day, we have over 15 simultaneous projects in progress, and our Paris location means we are always on hand to meet your demands, right away.



 …in a drive for continuous improvement.


Always attentive to our customers’ changing needs, we at PROSON stringently monitor advances in technology to enhance our product range with the latest in innovation. In March 2003, for instance, we became the first French renter to invest in the Bosch Integrus digital infrared system. This technology has revolutionised the translation industry thanks to its immunity to interference from lighting and video screens.


The same can be said for the Sennheiser HDE2020 digital tour guide system, the Bosch wireless Wi-Fi conference system, and many other initiatives that mark Proson’s long history, and will continue to do so. That is because PROSON is resolutely focused on achieving maximum customer satisfaction.


In 2012, Proson started a new chapter in its long history when it was acquired by Laurent Péru, formerly of Bosch Security Systems France where he managed the Professional Audio department for 12 years. The ambitious and energetic Péru combines in-depth industry knowledge with excellent management skills and long-term vision. This new momentum is set to take Proson riding into the next stage of its development.




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